Matjaž Brinovec

Cesta na poljane 6,

1000 Ljubljana - Šentvid

Matyas s.p.

Jakčeva 24, 1000 Ljubljana


Tel: 00 386 40 465 070

Davčna številka: 34167269


Hvala, sporočilo je poslano.


Not only is he a superb dancer, he is also a great dance teacher and, above all, a nice person. He always keeps a supportive, friendly atmosphere and brings out the joy of dancing in everyone. He puts passion into his teaching while leading us through dance moves step by step. Under his guidance I became much more aware and respectful of my body. In short, I consider his course pure joy.




Ugotovila sem, da nimam dveh levih nog in da imam celo razvito motoriko. Po Matjaževi predstavitvi ples ni noben bav-bav ampak je lahko celo užitek. Zahvala Matjažu.




Ko sem spoznala Matjaža, sem pričela s procesom spoznavanja sebe. Naučila sem se čutiti telo, poslušati telo, graditi plesno in splošno samozavest, postala sem bolj potrpežljiva, bolj ženstvena ... 
Hvala Matjaž, ker me učiš življenja skozi ples na najbolj možen prefinjen način in me hkrati vodiš skozi osebne spremembe.


After 4 years of dancing with other dancing schools, I was finally introduced to Matjaž. Soon I noticed that his methods are developed for people, who would like to use dance for their improvement of general movement in space, to first of all feel good while they dance. Step by step, totally naturally with his methods I started to make also personal physical changes, how I move and how I express my self while I dance. Without forcing my self, I made my own changes and as a result and among so many other benefits of his lessons, I also improved my style of dance and started to use dance as very useful tool for stress release. 

Matej Železnik



I was not young when I met Matjaž and he has been my dance teacher for ten years now. With his extensive knowledge and integrated approach, he introduced me to dance in many dimensions - from the basics of rhythm to  demanding expression with movement. It is difficult to find a dance teacher who invests so much of himself and who is able to adapt to a dancer’s capacity and mood. Dancing lessons with Matjaž are much more than just a hobby - they change my priorities, take thoughts far away from my busy everyday and motivate me to think further about dance, music and art. On the other hand, Matjaž is also a demanding and persistent teacher and in this way, he manages to reach the 'impossible'. Dance with Matjaž has transformed my life - it keeps me younger and gives me life energy even in my years. Thanks!

Mirta Koželj



Matjaž has a great passion for dance. His enthusiasm is inspiring and he can show you how to dance to practically any music. He focuses on communication between partners and his classes are never dull.

Mira Hinič


Matjaž combines the art of dancing and hard work into his everyday life.Building a habit and being confident is a way to be successful. This is what he taught me.

Petra Pibernik, dancer and teacher